Players, owners set to meet today

This morning in NYC, the NBA Player's Association is meeting with NBA players and reps from the league's 30 teams. The union is sitting down with the league's player representatives, and any players who made the trip to New York, to outline in detail the league's current collective bargaining proposal.

It's expected that the players will make a preliminary decision on the deal. The players will likely announce that they're taking this current deal to a player-wide vote or they'll announce that they're rejecting the deal outright. If the players take this deal to a vote, the proposal would need majority support among the league's 450 players. If the players reject the deal, it's likely they'll explore the process of beginning decertification.

NBA commissioner David Stern delivered to the union a revised proposal on Thursday. Stern has said the owners are done negotiating. Stern has also said that if the players reject this current deal, the NBA will return to a "reset" deal that includes an offer of 47 percent of basketball related income (not 50-50) and other stricter system regulations.

This morning's meeting in New York was scheduled for a 9 a.m. start. Players have been trickling in from 9-10 a.m. To follow today's crucial labor meeting, please follow on Twitter: Deep Sixer.