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This afternoon at the Wachovia Center, the 76ers unveiled their new uniforms. They look very similar to the retro ones the team wore for a handful of games last season: red, white, and blue with the re-launched retro logo.

We're going to be adding video to Deep Sixer this season and in honor of the beginning of the year -- or at least one week from the beginning of it -- I attempted to take a video of today's uniform unveiling. I'm confident I captured about a minute of video, but whether it actually offers anything is another matter. But we're going to be doing it all year, so we must start somewhere (really bad video taking) and build it up (just kind of bad video taking). Even so, for those of you unable to attend, it's an idea of today's event. You can check it out in the video player along the side of the page. There are a few from last year's training camp, as well.

More than just seeing the uniforms, today was a chance to talk with forwards Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, and Sixers General Manager Ed Stefanski. Sixers open camp next Tuesday at St. Joseph's University. There are a number of questions, none of which were answered at today's uniform unveiling, but it was a good warm-up to at least get some basketball talk going.

Brand looked healthy and said he felt healthy. He admitted he was not 100 percent entering last season, but said he believes both injuries are behind him (Achilles and shoulder). I believe he said he was healthy entering last season, too, so take from that what you will. When asked if he thought this season was a "do-over" year, he agreed. Last season was, for Brand, close to a disaster. He said the Sixers were flying under the radar, which was fine with him. Is there a way to be flying even below the lowest level of the radar? Because -- with the Phillies and Eagles on everyone's minds -- that's exactly where the Sixers currently are.

Young was also at the unveiling, modeling the red away uniform. He had a scar under his left eye from an Atlanta summer league, so it seems Young has been working on his game. He also commented about Brand's status -- they've been working out together at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine -- saying that Brand has been playing like "a monster" during their workouts. Young said he felt Brand was much stronger, in better shape, and more ready than when entering last season.

As the time before the start of camp dwindles, the questions are all the same: Will Elton Brand be as effective as he's always been? How will Eddie Jordan's new offense fit this team's pieces? Will Lou Williams excel as the team's starting point guard? How will Young and Andre Iguodala and Brand mesh on the court? 

Those are just a few. But, yesterday, at least one was answered: The uniforms are cool. Check out the video if you get a second (and, of course, if it's posted correctly ...)