Miller, Ratliff both no-shows

Both Andre Miller and Theo Ratliff did not attend the 76ers final team meeting, scheduled for noon at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Every other player showed, most also having meetings with coach Tony DiLeo and GM Ed Stefanski. The Sixers said Miller and Ratliff's interviews were scheduled for next week, but had no explanation for why neither showed for the final team meeting.

Stefanski said he had calls into both players, but had not heard from either. Both players are unrestricted free agents.

About Miller's absence, Stefanski said, "I don't know if that's sending us a message," referring to the point guard's desire (or lack thereof) to possibly re-sign with the Sixers. DiLeo said he would not comment on his feelings about either player's absence until he found out their reasoning.

Ratliff's absence was particularly noteworthy after his words in the locker room following last night's season-ending 25-point loss. Ratliff called out the coaching staff, saying they were too weak with the players, didn't hold players accountable for mistakes, and that generally the coaching staff was the reason for last night's disaster.

Today, DiLeo said he was aware of, and read, what Ratliff had said. DiLeo said he disagrees with Ratliff's beliefs. DiLeo said, "I saw his comments, I don't agree with his comments, we do hold players accountable ... I'm not the type of coach who will yank a player after one mistake ... I don't agree with him." DiLeo said he is "not passing judgement" until he finds out why each player missed and talks to each.

Stefanski said about Ratliff: "In Theo's case, I'm disappointed in his comments after the game."

You have to wonder what it means -- if neither has a legitimate reason for his absence -- what it means that two guys, unrestricted free agents, blow off the final team meeting.