MIA for Team Tyreke

Since I usually don't leave this blog unattended for such a length of time, here's the update: From Saturday's game in Detroit, I flew to Sacramento to do a long story about Kings rookie Tyreke Evans, who will start at point guard tomorrow night against the 76ers. That story about Tyreke and Team Tyreke will run in tomorrow's Inquirer.

I caught some of Monday night's game against the New Orleans Hornets (the NBA League Pass over the internet is a nice thing), and the second half of last night's game against the Knicks.

Although the Sixers clearly are (were?) playing better (and a tightening of the rotation by Eddie Jordan appears to have helped, despite Jordan's earlier claims that the rotation was fine), it still would have been hard to jump on the bandwagon after wins over the awful Pistons and Hornets. Two-game winning streaks have happened before. It's the three-game streak that hasn't. Someone e-mailed and said that before last night's loss to the Knicks, Donyell Marshall said it was a game the Sixers had to win. He seemed confused (as are most) over how the Sixers can beat the Boston Celtics, the Trail Blazers, the Hornets and then lose to the Wizards, the Clippers, and the Knicks.

Yes, the Sixers have been playing better. But there are still so many questions, I'm just not sure I can address them having been 3,000 miles away for two games and two practices. Starting tomorrow, we'll be back here on Deep Sixer trying to figure this thing out.

As for the rumors regarding the Houston Rockets/Tracy McGrady/Sixers (rumors which never seem to die), here's the update from a source: There's no movement on that front. The teams haven't talked in at least a week.