Talking Larry Brown

Larry Brown has maintained close ties to the Philadelphia region. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

What good is a blog if we're not going to toss around some ideas? So, let's toss this idea around: Larry Brown. 

In the Sixers' future, only one thing is certain: coach Eddie Jordan will be gone soon after the season ends. As for the future of General Manager Ed Stefanski, it's not looking particularly promising, but as of yet there has been no concrete decision made.

Of course, there are rumblings, there has been talking, there is word of mouth. And the latest has to do with Brown.

Here's this bit from Ken Berger of "While it has been widely assumed that only one Eddie would be out in Philadelphia after the season – Jordan, not Stefanski – there is one complicating factor that could change that. And his name is Larry Brown. While the Bobcats coach feels a sense of loyalty to fellow Tarheel and new owner Michael Jordan, there are strong indications that Jordan won’t stand in Brown’s way if he wants to seek another job with complete control over basketball operations. Though some speculation has centered on Brown going to the Clippers, that’s not happening, sources say. The most likely scenario is the Sixers due to Brown’s family ties with the city."

The thinking is that Brown would only return if he was given both jobs: coach and GM. That puts an even bolder question mark next to Stefanski's name.

Brown's Bobcats are in the playoffs, so until Charlotte is eliminated (or wins the entire thing), this will remain just a thought to consider, talk about, and if you're a die-hard Sixers fan, perhaps obsess over.