Labor talks to resume

The NBA and the NBA Player's Association will resume labor negotiations on Saturday. We'll be staking out the negotiations this weekend in New York, so follow on Twitter for instant updates: Deep Sixer.

The two sides haven't met since last Friday when three days of sessions, totaling 30 hours, ended abruptly when discussion of the split of basketball revenue sent the labor negotiations into a tailspin. Much has happened in the week since, most of it about internal issues within the union (read Jason Whitlock's story here: Fisher in Stern's back pocket? Disclaimer before reading the article: one must follow the TV show "The Wire").

I'll be at the Wells Fargo Center tonight covering the Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils, but starting with Saturday's return to the bargaining table, I'll be back (and hopeful and optimistic for a deal) on the NBA beat.


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