Iverson, the rotation, the Kings


Clearly, the big news in the NBA is the trade between Denver and Detroit. Allen Iverson leaves the Rocky Mountains for Michigan ... Chauncey Billups returns home with Antonio McDyess. Billups is a former University of Colorado hoopster. A legend in Boulder, one might say.

The story, though, is what this means for the Eastern Conference. And what it means for the former 76ers, Iverson.

Here's the reaction for the Sixers locker room:

Theo Ratliff (who played with Iverson in Philadelphia and most recently played with Detroit: "It's great for him. With the style they want, to increase the tempo, it'll be a great fit for him. And to be around a veteran crew. They'll let him play his game and do what he needs to do. What he really brings is uptempo play. He's an East Coast guy and with Denver being such a small market, it was tough on him."

On Iverson back in the East: "It'll be tough. He's been tough for a lot of year."

Lou Williams (who played with Iverson in Philly): "He took me under his wing when I first came in. The cool thing about our relationship is that we don't talk basketball. So I never talked to him about what it was like in Denver."

On the impact on Detroit: "They're replacing one scoring guard with another one. I know how his mindset is. He's a tough guy. He calls himself a warrior, and I know he wants a championship so I'm sure he'll go in and instill that mindset."

"It'll be interesting. I'm sure Detroit will become a running team overnight."

Andre Iguodala (who played with Iverson in Philly): "I don't know if it's going to be genius or not. Both teams are trying to get over that hump. This could either make or break them. Sometimes a change of scenery can help."

On the impact it will have on the East: "I think it's good for Allen, because there aren't as many quick guards in the East as the West."

Andre Miller (came to Philly from Denver in the first AI trade): "It's probably a good move for both teams. I expected it to happen, because both teams were looking to improve."

Sam Dalembert on the trade: "A lot of deals look good until you start playing. That's one thing I've learned in this league. I'm surprised that [Denver] got rid of him."

On what it means for the Sixers: "I'm still going to block his shot, nothing changes. I'm not going to spare him nothing when it comes to Philly."

On the impact on the East: "Pistons have always been a great team. And now they will have a fast-paced game. East starts becoming like the West."

Sixers head coach Maurice Cheeks on how it impacts Detroit: "That makes them -- they're already good -- but you have to see how it plays out. You do subtract Billups. It changes their makeup, for sure. Any team you put AI is going to be good, for sure."

Yes, and there is a game tonight. The Sixers (1-2) vs. the Kings (0-3):

Here is what Cheeks had to say about the tightened rotation on Saturday night in Atlanta (only eight players played in the second half): "I probably should have rested some guys and given them more legs down the stretch."

Will he play more guys tonight?

"I'll see how the game goes and see which guys are doing what. You have Elton Brand and you try and leave him on the court. When I have an Elton Brand on my team, I use him  and I should have sat him down more ... You ask a player if they need a breather, and they all say 'no.'"

Note: Theo Ratliff has been placed on the Inactive List tonight.