Iverson's coach: 'We have rules'

Second of three days in Istanbul. Don’t worry, 76ers fans, we’re back on the Sixers’ trail starting Tuesday @ the Washington Wizards. At that point, there will still be 67 games to watch and analyze. We can make that happen.

We’re not going overload here on the blog with anything but video and photo because the story is scheduled for Sunday’s edition of the Inquirer. You should be able to find a two-minute scrimmage video of Iverson embedded in this post as well as a photo or two of the arena and Iverson from today’s practice. Both were initially posted on Twitter, so you can get more instant updates if you follow there: Deep Sixer.

We spoke with Besiktas’ head coach Burak Biyiktay, and here were a few of the best quotes:
“We have rules,” Biyiktay said of the team. “I’m not a hard guy, I’m an easy guy, I negotiate with guys. I want him to be in the practice, do your practice, and every time I will be behind him for playing good basketball.”
Iverson is not talking. It could be because of the column written at the end of last year (written not by me, surprisingly) but that ran in the Inquirer, or it could be just because Iverson isn’t talking at all (I’ve been told he’s only doing HBO), but two practices and no interviews. Today we asked him as he was leaving the court, and he said he had to go shower. We weren’t holding our breath after that.
How’s Iverson’s game? Is it the same?
“No, five years ago, six years ago, he’s more faster, more quick,” Biyiktay. “Now, he’s still Allen Iverson, but he will be better on our team over time. He’s coming without shape, without practicing. For eight months he did nothing.”
Check out the video if you have a second. And the story will run in Sunday’s paper, which is also when NBA TV will air Iverson's second game in Istanbul. The game is on at 3:30 EST (so it's not live).

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