Iverson accused of abducting own children

The Allen Iverson saga has apparently hit rock bottom.

The former 76ers star is being accused by his ex-wife Tawanna Iverson of abducting his own children, according to multiple reports

Tawanna has filed court documents in Atlanta, claiming that Allen said he was taking the five children, who range from ages 3 to 16, on a five-day vacation to Charlotte, NC, TMZ first reported. He agreed to return them on May 26.  However, Allen never arrived, and Tawanna hasn’t seen them since. And according to the documents, Tawanna tried to set up an exchange at a neutral site on June 4. But Allen never showed up.

Tawanna has sole custody of the children.

This is just one of many displays of how Iverson has struggled to adjust to life after basketball.

He’s basically broke after having a stellar career that earned him millions. And there are reports that he’s missed every child support payment that was handed down since January. The total amount over five months is $40,000.