Tonight at the Wells Fargo Center, the 76ers (2-9) will play the Toronto Raptors in what will be a battle of two Eastern Conference basement dwellers. The Sixers just announced that swingman Andre Iguodala (tendinitis right Achilles) will not play tonight. It will be the fourth game Iguodala has missed this season.

So ... Deep Sixer (this blog + me) is heading to Istanbul, Turkey to catch Allen Iverson's second game of his Turkish career. It's a fun opportunity to check out the city and report back about what life is like for the former Sixers' star. In the meantime (only a few days), the Inquirer will have tag-team coverage of the real-time Sixers and we'll be back in a flash.

If you want to follow the Iverson coverage, you can check back here for videos/updates/pictures and you can follow on Twitter: Deep Sixer.


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