Injuries, McNabb, and the last week

"It’s one of those things you don’t believe it until it happens," said Iguodala, in reference to Donovan McNabb's trade. (Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer)


The 76ers practiced today at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Obviously, in recent weeks, the Sixers have been down to rosters of 10 and 9 players because of injury. Here's the latest in advance of tomorrow night's game against the Detroit Pistons:

Both Andre Iguodala (plantar fasciitis) and Samuel Dalembert did not practice today, but are expected to play tomorrow night. Thaddeus Young (right thumb) participated in non-contact drills today and is listed as a game-time decision tomorrow. Rodney Carney (sore right foot) practiced, but is still listed as a game-time decision. Lou Williams (lower back) practiced and said he's totally fine going forward.

The main topic today at practice was ... Donovan McNabb. You can check out the two videos below right in the Deep Sixer video player. The first is Eddie Jordan talking about Philly fans and the second is Iguodala talking about his injury and a little bit on McNabb's trade.

Here's what Iguodala had to say about the trade: "You heard about it a little bit the last couple of weeks. It’s one of those things you don’t believe it until it happens … I think people saw it coming and hopefully he continues to have a great career."

When asked if the McNabb trade had similarities to Allen Iverson being traded, Iguodala said they were "different dynamics with different types of personalities."

Here's what Jordan said (he's from the D.C. area): "I really haven’t thought much about it. It’s excitement, I guess, for the Redskins and we’ll go from there."

Asked about Philly fans and their passion, Jordan said, "You don't really know it until you're in it. And now I know it ..."


"I’m trying to get better at it," Jordan said. "There’s a passion and everyone has an opinion and that’s fans everywhere. I said it coming in, it’s certainly a special place because it is so passionate and they want to see championships. And if you’re not a champion, you’re going to hear it."

And here's what Lou Williams said about the McNabb trade: "It’s unfortunate, you hate to see a guy who’s been in the city for so long continue his career somewhere else, that’s the only thing I really feel about it; I feel it’s unfortunate."

As for the Sixers themselves: They have six games left and a record of 26-50. Currently, that's "good enough" for the 7th worst record in the NBA, better than the Nets, Timberwolves, Wizards, Pistons, Warriors, and Kings. And that's really what these last few days of the season are about: where the Sixers will position themselves in the NBA Draft Lottery (we've been talking about it for the last month, too, so ...). If you look at the record, 7th worst is about the "best" the Sixers can do, unless one of those teams below them wins most of its games and the Sixers lose all of theirs.

After we figure out the Sixers draft status, attention will turn to the elephant in the room after next week's final game against the Orlando Magic: Eddie Jordan's dismissal and the future of general manager Ed Stefanski. But until then, watching rookie Jrue Holiday is about the only thing that keeps the future looking manageable.