Iguodala at NBA labor meeting

Andre Iguodala said "nothing was set in stone" after Friday's meeting between the NBA owners and players. (Matt Rourke/AP file photo)

After today's five-hour bargaining session at a Manhattan hotel, the NBA Player's Association held a press conference. Player representative Derek Fisher was flanked by more than a dozen NBA stars, including the 76ers' Andre Iguodala. After Fisher answered questions -- the two sides don't have a deal, no formal proposals were made, they'll meet again tomorrow morning -- we caught up with Iguodala to ask him his thoughts about the labor situation.

Did anything that took place today switch things for you?

"It's pretty much the same: we're just negotiating. Like Derek said before, nothing was set in stone as far as any movement on any specific proposals either side made. Nothing was written in stone. Just a lot of ideas out there."

Was your presence today about supporting the union or getting inside the bargaining room?

"It's always both. Just to see the process. This isn't the first time I've been here; I've been in another meeting in New York a month or two ago. I think the main thing about all of the players is we're staying together and we have a great group of lawyers. Derek Fisher has done a great job of representing the players and we stand behind him."

Will you stay for tomorrow's meeting?

"We're trying to figure that out right now, actually. I've been here all week and I'm supposed to fly out tomorrow, but we cancelled that flight. So I'm trying to work some things out."


"I think we're doing a better job of understanding the process. I think a good job about this group, it's been said many times that this is one of the stronger units so we're doing a great job of standing together, understanding that in order for them to really feel how united we are, we may have to miss some time. We've already missed training camp and pre-season games. Our main thing is sticking together."

What do you think about owners saying they're waiting for you guys to miss paychecks?

"That's just me being Devil's advocate and seeing if I'm on their side, that's how you think. You know, I think they do the same thing: if they were us, what would we do? It's like a cat-and-mouse game at times. You throw different ideas out there. I think our slogan is staying together. We're just trying to continue to do that."

Did you tell [union executive] Bill Hunter today in the meeting beforehand, did you say whatever they have on the table, we're not going to take it and we'll miss the season?

"I don't know if that was necessarily said. We just want something that's fair. Our main thing is just to get back there on the court. But at the same time, we want something that's fair."


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