Getting closer ...

So here we are, August rolled into September, football season is upon us, and 76ers training camp is not even three weeks away ... September 30th to be exact.

Hard to believe. It seems like early last week when the Sixers walked off the court for the last time in the 2007-08 season (we all know how that ended). But then you take a look at all the moves the organization has made and you realize it really has been four months, a jam-packed summer indeed.  

I'll be posting at length tomorrow morning about the revamped roster and the outlook for this season (looking bright and sunny, isn't it?). I know this blog has been dormant since the NBA Draft at the end of June, but that's all changing now. So tell all your friends. Or, at least, I'll tell mine. They can come on here and chat Sixers with me. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Until tomorrow,