I think Lou Williams said it best when he said, after tonight's season-ending 114-89 "game" against the Orlando Magic, "Personally, I was embarrassed."

The 76ers should be embarrassed after what happened tonight. We could probably spend 2,000 words and hours discussing what happened tonight (Rashard Lewis torching Thad, Redick and Gortat outplaying Green and Dalembert, Iguodala not dominating like he needs to) but Andre Miller offered a simple perspective with, "They played good basketball, we played bad basketball."
It was bad, ugly, frustrating, uninspiring, and I don't think many folks are booting up their computers to dish out money for some 2009-2010 season tickets. Okay, now that that's behind us, let's try to look forward.
After the game, Iguodala kept saying interesting things about how "the little things" throughout the season caught up with them. He said "inner turmoil." It seemed like he was saying that they had too many dramas throughout the season, within the locker room. He said "mental things" and "small things" that distracted them. Iguodala also said he would sit down with Ed Stefanski and talk about "all the things that are holding us back, try to get rid of." 
Hmmmm ... could "things" mean "people"? Iguodala said to get this team where it needed to be "you make moves. It's going to be a busy summer."
There are a number of outstanding issues: Will Tony DiLeo be back? Will Andre Miller re-sign? From where will that shooter come? Are Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert winning pieces? 
It would be ambitious to think we could answer those now, but here were the responses (to the first two) from tonight: 
Tony said he needed time and space to even decide if he wanted the gig next year. He said he and Stefanski would sit and talk about what is best for the team.
Miller said he didn't expect to address his situation until "after the draft." It sounded like he wanted to see what the Sixers would do in the draft.
As for the holes in the Sixers. We already know that Dalembert asked for a trade during this season. All signs point toward Dalembert playing for another team next season and considering the strained relationship right now between Dalembert, the organization, the fans, that seems to be the best decision for the franchise. But his salary is increasing the next two seasons, so the Sixers need to find the right situation (euphemism for "He's not easy to trade").
The Sixers are having a team meeting tomorrow at noon at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Afterward, you would think they would go their separate ways. There are plenty of questions, not a lot of answers just yet, but an off season that will at least find us some.