Friday, July 3, 2015

Deal on Table

All right. Let's get this straight.

Deal on Table

A source says the Sixers and Allen Iverson are not at odds over the terms of a potential contract. (File photo)
A source says the Sixers and Allen Iverson are not at odds over the terms of a potential contract. (File photo)

All right. Let's get this straight.

The 76ers have offered Allen Iverson a non-guaranteed deal for this season. The offer is on the table and it's Iverson's call. An answer from the Answer is expected by tomorrow, at the latest.

According to a source earlier, who is very close to the situation, this report was incorrect, he said there was "no issue between the two parties in terms of the contract's details," but the contract is absolutely, 100 percent non-guaranteed, meaning the Sixers can cut him without financial ramifications by January.

Just one more twist in this AI saga.

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Today, Sixers General Manager Ed Stefanski met again with Iverson's agent, Leon Rose.

Yesterday in Dallas, Stefanski and company had a two-hour meeting with Iverson, Rose, and Iverson's manager Gary Moore. reported that the Sixers were prepared to send home assistant coach Aaron McKie from the team's week-long road trip (they fly to Oklahoma City today) to work out with Iverson once this deal was done. This afternoon at SMU in Dallas, the Sixers practiced. McKie was present.

All signs have pointed to this deal ending positively, but it's a new twist that the Sixers are only offering a non-guaranteed contract, which does not tie them to Iverson for the entire year.

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