Day 5


Welcome to Day 5 from Penn State. It's the penultimate -- what a great word -- day of Training Camp. I bet nobody is more excited about that than the players, who are currently on the practice court. 76ers are practicing only once today, starting at 11 a.m. and going until ... who knows when.

Since it's the weekend, and people don't hang out on their computers as much on the weekend, there will be no Live Chat. But because I just bought this new Blackberry Curve and it has a pretty decent camera, I thought I would attempt a different form of multimedia: posting pics from my cellphone on the blog. Now, I hope, throughout the season the pictures I post will be slightly more engaging than this static shot. But at least you can see where the Sixers are practicing. To the left is the hallway that leads to the Penn State facilities: weight room, training room, locker room, etc. To the right and around the corner is the auxillary gym where the Sixers have practiced every session except last night's (which was on the arena floor).

Those men in blue are the security guards. One of them, Bob, has brought the Philadelphia Inquirer the last two mornings, despite having to stop at three different locations to find it.

For observations from last night's scrimmage, scroll to the previous post. I'll post more later, once the Sixers have finished.

Until later ...