Can Sixers Be Competitive Against Pistons?

Despite proving just about ever prognosticator wrong, the 76ers are generating very little support to upset the Detroit Pistons.

In fact most skeptics (including this reporter) don’t think the Sixers can win more than one game.

However, there are many who have written in and feel that the aging Pistons are a good matchup.

One key is that Flip Saunders did a good job of not burning out the Pistons this season and this veteran team shouldn’t be as tired entering the postseason.

That said, the Sixers should still try to run Detroit into the ground, although this season Saunders has gone to his bench much more.

Whether that happens in the postseason remains to be seen.

If one looked position by position, the Pistons come out stronger, at least as far as the starters go.

As well as Andre Miller has played, would you rather have him or Chauncey Billups, a noted Sixers killer?

There is no question that Detroit has a major advantage at shooting guard with Rip Hamilton over Willie Green.

While we feel Andre Iguodala is a better all-around player than Tayshaun Prince, is the difference that big? (In fact one NBA scout who was asked this question, thought I was crazy and that Prince was the better player).

As for the power forward spot, Antonio McDyess has to get the edge over Reggie Evans, although Thaddeus Young gives the Sixers a major plus if he comes off the bench.

And at center, Rasheed Wallace would be the choice here over Samuel Dalembert, despite the improvement this season by the Sixers veteran.

The one x-factor is Lou Williams. He has a chance to give the Sixers bench a true spark, but Detroit has a much deeper bench. And Rodney Stuckey looks like he is developing at a fast pace. It will be interesting how much rest the Pistons give Billups in place of Stuckey.

Either way, it would be a surprise here if the Sixers win more than one game. (Then again, this is the same person who predicted the team would win 32 games this season).

So the question is simple. Does anybody predict that the Sixers will win the series, or win more than one game?

The worst thing is after the fact, seeing people who said they felt the Sixers would be better than predicted.

Come clean and make the prediction now. Does anybody out there give the Sixers more than a passing chance against the heavily favored Pistons?