Brand: 'I don't accept it'

Elton Brand, center, works in the post during the Sixers' 117-106 loss to Oklahoma City. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Here in Charlotte. Just got back from 76ers practice at the Time Warner Center here. Obviously all the talk right now is AI, but getting lost in that saga has been the fact that power forward Elton Brand has been coming off the bench the last two games. He missed three games with a sore right hamstring, and since coming back, he hasn't started -- although he's played well in both games.

Talked with Eddie Jordan today and asked him if he wanted to keep Brand coming off the bench and if he liked him there. He said, "Yes, to both." So look for Brand to come off the bench again tomorrow night against the Bobcats.

A few minutes after talking with Jordan, talked with Elton Brand, who seemed less than pleased with coming off the bench (naturally, as a competitor).

Here's the conversation with Brand.

You okay with coming off the bench: 

"No, of course not. You know what I mean, it’s like ... we’re not winning either way, so I’d rather be out there and give us the best chance."

Thoughts on AI:

"We have to see, I don’t know. I know Iverson can help us and do what he does and be that scorer, but I’m sure he wants to start, too. So, we’ve got two guys that want to start."

Do you accept not starting?

"No, I don’t accept it. What it is – being a competitor – but also I don’t think I have done anything to merit a bench spot."

Have you talked to Jordan about it? 

"No. Not much, not at all."
How's the hamstring, is it hindering you?
"Not at all, no lingering effect. He knows I feel good. Maybe keep coming off the bench playing my 20 minutes and maybe I can crack the lineup."
On the losing streak:
"Winning is more important, whatever it is. That’s why I’m staying positive and I’m going to do whatever we need to do cause I feel like hopefully there is a goal. Hopefully he sees something and we’re going to start winning from it, but we’re not winning."
But Jordan says he doesn't want to play you 20 minutes, says he wants to get you your minutes?
"Of course he wants me to play 20 minutes, that’s what I’m playing: 25 minutes. That’s what he wants."
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