Deep Sixer: Brand & The Clippers

I would be crazy to say tonight's game -- the 76ers (5-6) vs the Los Angeles Clippers (2-9) -- was anything more than just a run-of-the-mill NBA game between one decent team and one struggling team. Because once the game starts, that's what it will be: Just a game.

But before it starts, it's fun to speculate about the controversy created last July when power forward Elton Brand spurned the Clips and bolted for Philly.

You can read the story here, if you'd like: Elton Brand.

Oh, and, we'll be chatting today at 3:30 p.m. If you have a few minutes to join, click here: Sixers Chat.

Is this my first two-link post? I do believe so. Breaking barriers here.

A few thoughts in anticipation of this afternoon's Chat and tonight's game:

1.) It's early in the season, but where does the Elton Brand deal stand right now? Has he lived up to the (considerable) hype from this summer? Has his impact been worth the sacrifice of losing some of the team's indentity? Do we forsee the Sixers regaining their identity while incorporating Brand? My thoughts: This team will be fine, the Sixers will find themselves. But the bumps in the road will be many through the first 25 games.

2.) Can Andre Iguodala succeed at shooting guard? Or better yet, can the team win with Iguodala at shooting guard? This is tough because Willie Green has been playing a lot of minutes at the two-spot. The games the Sixers have looked good, Green has played shooting guard. So whether Iguodala starts at the two or not, the important thing is what kind of game he is playing. When he tries to play like a shooting guard (you know ... shooting a lot ... from the perimeter) he isn't effective. And does the starting lineup even matter if Cheeks is going to give the bulk of the two-spot minutes to Green?

3.) Why aren't Kareem Rush and Donyell Marshall playing? Weren't both specifically signed to provide outside shooting? Then why do the Sixers shoot 1 of 11 from beyond the arc in a losing effort with neither seeing court time?

4.) Tonight's game: Will the Sixers win? I believe they will. I believe Wednesday night's game/disaster served a reminder about what they need to do. They will be prepared tonight. It helps that the Clippers are one of the NBA's worst teams.


p.s. I went to get the Blackberry Storm this morning and there was a two-hour line. So I don't yet have the Storm. So I am still incapable of posting photos. But I will soon own the Storm.