Back from Istanbul

Hey everyone. Thanks for sticking with Deep Sixer while on "assignment in Istanbul." We're back here now for all things 76ers -- starting with what will be a pretty busy holiday week for the team: at the Washington Wizards, at the Toronto Raptors, at the Miami Heat, and then home against the New Jersey Nets. Considering how well the team played against the Milwaukee Bucks (yeah, I watched on NBA League Pass broadband from Istanbul), this could be a productive week for the team or it could be another slide back into frustration.

Sixers are practicing today at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Still no Jason Kapono (personal reasons), but Andre Iguodala (tendinitis) is back and he's expected to play tomorrow -- that update was from the #Sixers on Twitter as the team is currently practicing.

That's just the quick-hit update, wanted to make sure everyone knows we'll be back at it here on this blog starting with tomorrow's game. The blog schedule should be updated in the upper right hand corner and we'll stick to that as closely as possible. For all things instantly, and all links to blogs and stories, you can follow on Twitter: Deep Sixer.

Thanks for enduring the overseas hiatus,


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