Allen doesn't think oversleeping practice will hinder NBA future

The Sixers' Lavoy Allen. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Let’s face it. Lavoy Allen is far from a 76ers’ fan favorite.

The Sixers third-year power forward/center is constantly criticized for a perceived lack of effort and carefree attitude.  Some have even questioned if the former Temple standout deserves to play in the NBA.

His missing Saturday’s practice due to “oversleeping” wasn’t exactly a good way to win over his critics.  Especially when a picture posted later on Instagram showed him at Aura nightclub in Northern Liberties late Friday night.

Allen Iverson missing practice is another thing. Iverson produced on the court and is a future Hall of Famer.  Allen, however, is a role player in the last year of his contract.  He also underachieved last season and is off to a slow start this preseason partly due to a lingering knee injury.

Yet, he doesn’t think this action will hinder him in regards to future NBA employment.

“If I can remember, this is the first practice I missed since I picked up a basketball,” Allen said after Sunday’s practice. “In college, you can ask [Temple coach] Fran [Dunpy], Fran is sitting over there, You can ask him. I didn’t miss practice in college, high school.

“So it was a mistake. I’m moving on from it.”

Dunphy, who attended Sunday’s Sixers practice, backed up Allen.

The coach also gave insight on his former standout’s perceived lack of enthusiasm.

“He was a phenomenal basketball player for us,” Dunphy said. “He did everything you wanted him to do.  Lavoy has a different way of showing his emotions. He doesn’t wear it on his sleeves. He’s a very quiet and introverted guy.

“But he gives you what his has.”

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