76ers weigh in on Kevin Ware's injury

By now, most sports fans have heard about Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury. Doug Collins and the Sixers weighed in on the injury. (Michael Conroy/AP)

By now, most sports fans have heard about Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury. The Louisville guard snapped his leg in the first half of Sunday’s 85-63 Midwest Regional final victory over Duke in Indianapolis. 

Doug Collins, the 76ers coach, attended the game. His son, Chris, was on the Duke bench for the final time as the associated head coach. The younger Collins will become Northwestern’s head coach next season.

Doug Collins and Sixers players Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young talked about Ware’s injury after Monday’s practice.


“Thank God I didn’t see it. I was sitting behind the Duke bench, and the floor is elevated. So I was sitting ... where I was probably above eye level with the court. I saw [Duke’s] Tyler Thornton hit the three. And then all of the sudden, the play was stopped. I didn’t know what happened. Then did not show a replay in the arena, which I think was great.

“But the looks on the players' faces, of just seeing their teammate go down… And the Duke players, I saw Tyler Thornton, the look on his face, because I think the kid had run at him to try to block his shot. So I mean it was obvious a horrific injury.”

Jrue Holiday:

“ You hate to see that for any athlete, especially at a time like that where it is so crucial and probably the biggest moment of your life. I don’t know how many guys get to go to the final four. I was there for a year [at UCLA]. We lost after the second game. So I’m just praying for him.”

Thaddeus Young:

“Any time you see an injury like that it is heartbreaking. You see a guy who played the game and loved the game. And I’ve been watching Louisville all year. He was definitely a big piece to what they were doing as far as trying to go and get the national championship and get into the final four … I just hope that he’s going to be OK and he is going to be able to play basketball again Hopefully he comes back healthy and better than ever.”