76ers: an update

After spending time overseas, Jrue Holiday is back in California working on his speed and explosion. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

This NBA lockout is making life very quiet within the 76ers. Here's the update on a handful of Sixers' issues:

1.) The team's annual Summer Beach Bash in Avalon, N.J. is this Saturday. In past years, there would always be at least two or three players present. Obviously, this summer is different. Sixers coach Doug Collins is expected to attend, but because of the lockout there will be no player representation. Season ticket holders will have to make due with Hip-Hop and perhaps a minute of Collins' time. We'll be attending and, hopefully, getting some insight into how everyone is handling this summer.

2.) Don't expect the coaching staff to replace assistant coach Quin Snyder (he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers) until early September. There's little reason to move quickly on the hire so expect news of the addition the first week or so of September, which is when the coaching staff reconvenes in advance of training camp's opening. All of this is assuming the current lockout is resolved, which is quite an assumption ...

3.) As for the lockout ... the Associated Press is reporting that the first "real" meeting between the two sides is scheduled for Monday. Since the lockout went into effect on July 1, representatives from the two sides have met, but none of those meetings have included NBA commissioner David Stern and the union's executive director Billy Hunter. Monday's meeting is supposed to include both and be the first real step in negotiating the next collective bargaining agreement. During the league's last work stoppage, 1998, the first real meeting also came in early August.

4.) Jrue Holiday is back in California working out. Holiday spent a good chunk of the summer overseas, first on an Adidas tour and then, more recently, in Germany supporting the U.S. Women's National Team. By all accounts, Holiday's doing what he did last summer: spending hours in the gym and working on his speed and explosion.

Even though, for the most part, the NBA has gone dormant, we don't want to let this blog follow. As we did in the weeks leading up to the June 23 NBA Draft, we want to keep discussing important topics around the Sixers: what's Craig Brackins doing now that he cant workout at PCOM? Is Andre Iguodala going to go overseas? Etc.

Any topic you might want addressed (nothing's too small during a lockout), email me at kfagan@phillynews.com or ask on Twitter @deepsixer3.


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