76ers: Holiday Q&A, Lockout update

The NBA and the NBA Player's Association will reconvene this afternoon at 2 p.m. in NYC. To follow instantly from the lockout stakeout, click here: Deep Sixer. The two sides met for more than 15 hours on Wednesday, a meeting that spilled over into the early hours of Thursday morning. Although neither side admitted optimism that a deal is impending, both sides felt Wednesday produced enough progress and forward momentum to continue meeting today. For the full takeout of yesterday's 15-hour meeting, click here: NBA Lockout. 

As we enter what could be another lengthy day of bargaining, here are a couple of interesting articles. From SLAM, a great Q&A with 76ers' point guard Jrue Holiday: Q&A. From NBA.com, a great interview with union economist Kevin Murphy, outlining some of the key components/obstacles in these negotiations: NBA economics.

More later as we get settled at NBA Lockoutville.


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