Easy explanation for Sixers swoon

Philadelphia 76ers' coach Brett Brown. (AP Photo/Laurence Kesterson)

Brett Brown wasn’t unearthing any deep secrets. When the 76ers coach was asked how his team could go from a unit that won four consecutive games on the road to one that has now lost four in a row by a combined 69 points, Brown basically said, it’s because there isn’t enough talent.

No, he didn’t come out and say it in that way, but he talked about how there is no margin for any error.

Translated, that means there aren’t enough NBA quality players.

Again, none of this is a revelation.

“There is no margin for error, whether it’s Lavoy’s (Allen) injury, or Tony (Wroten) not being there,” Brown said. “If one of the big three aren’t the big three (the team is in trouble).”

Allen has missed the last two games with a right calf strain and Brown said after Monday’s practice that he is not ready to return.

Wroten missed two games recently with the flu.

In talking about the “big three” Brown was referring to Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner. This trio wouldn’t be referred to as “big three” on many NBA teams.

Then Brown continued to talk about the lack of depth.

“The bench as youthful and inexperienced as it is, you can actually absorb that,” he said. “But when you are missing some bodies, when the big three aren’t firing, just from performance or attendance, you  become real ordinary real quick, you are so vulnerable.”

Brown almost seems surprised that the depth is this lacking. He knew going in that the Sixers weren’t going to field a competitive team as they blew things up and are building from the bottom up.

Like any competitor, there is no doubt Brown felt that the team could defy the long odds and be more competitive. Other than a three-game winning streak to start the season and the four-game road win streak that concluded with a 101-99 win at Portland on Jan. 4, the Sixers have played as expected.

Brown is trying everything, but he hasn’t been given much at his disposal. And this is the predicatable result. Everybody said they were in for this rebuilding, but to watch it, especially from the seat that Brown occupies, has been truly frustrating.

So he will continue to talk about the team’s need to play better defense, or how important it is to get out in transition, but the real need is to get more NBA ready players.

Everybody knew that coming in, but having to witness it every day, appears to be harder on Brown than he originally envisioned.