Sixers muzzle Collins; players talking

DETROIT – The76ers continue to ward of questions concerning the impending end of Doug Collins’ coaching career in the Philadelphia later this week

Moments before Collins conducted his pre-game press conference prior to a meaningless game here against the Detroit Pistons, team director of public relations Michael Preston announced that Collins would not answer any questions regarding multiple reports in the last week that Collins will not coach the team next season. Collins has one year at $4.5 million left on his contract and he will not ask for an extension.

The players have heard the rumors, however, and they are willing to talk about it.

“It’s Doug’s decision from what I understand, and whatever he decides to do more power to him,” forward Evan Turner said. “I haven’t spoken on it with him.”


“It is definitely the business of basketball,” forward Thaddeus Young said. “We have heard the rumors because they have been out there for months in some cases.  But when I say it’s about the business of basketball, I mean, I don’t’ think there are too many teams that have that structure where they keep coaches for more than four of five years.

“You just go ahead and keep moving forward,” Young continued. “The way it is, he’s or coach today and he’s our coach on Wednesday when we play the Indiana Pacers. After that you don’t know. But I don’t want to see him go. “

Jrue Holiday acknowledged that while aware of the rumors, he has never mentioned it to Collins.

“Everything I have heard it has been coming from the media or from friends that text me,” Holiday said.

Holiday then answered a question in a fashion that let you know he has been giving the matter some thought.

“Whatever their decision was that was their decision,” He said, obviously referencing ownership. “I know for coach it’s not like he’s not well-respected. I guess I feel like whoever’s decision it was it was their decision. From there, knowing coach, if it wasn’t his decision I know he’s going to land on his feet.

“What I know is I became an all-star with him so that means something to me – that’s my coach. I’ll have to deal with hit when the time comes,” Holiday said.