Don't Confuse M. Miller With Korver

Some have suggested after reading the wish-list that begins with Mike Miller, that he is not much of an upgrade over Kyle Kover. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are some posters such as Seude, who point out that Miller is a big upgrade over Korver and we couldn't agree more with that assessment.

This is not to denegrate Kyle Korver, because he did a fine job for the Sixers and has been a major addition to Utah. It's just at Miller is bigger, just as good a shooter, can create his shot better and is a better defender (although he will never make any all-defensive teams).

One person questioned whether Mike Miller is a team player. He was a team player while competing for the U.S. Olympic Team last summer and with his ability to stretch a defense, should be included on this year's team (especially if this reporter was the coach).

We're not saying that Mike Miller would be the savior for the Sixers, but he would be a serious upgrade. And he'd give them much more than they received from Korver, which was pretty substantial..

One writer, JJG, said he prefers Rashard McCants. Another Jason Ringler, asks why not consider Kyle Lowry instead of Miller. Again, the Sixers need somebody who can spread a defense with outside shooting. McCants and Lowry are good players, but they wouldn't be top priorities here.

The priority remains a power forward and Josh Smith would top that wish list, but the Sixers have to have a number of game plans. We're just saying Mike Miller is somebody to strongly consider.

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