Memphis' Miller Heads Reporter's Wish List

One thing that the Detroit Pistons series showed the 76ers was that they still have a long way to go to get to that next level. Which is why the offseason will be interesting.

There have already been many great suggestions from the fans of this blog and to my e-mail on what the Sixers should do. For the next few months we will be dealing a lot with this topic.

If this reporter had one player he would try to land, it would be Mike Miller of Memphis.

As mentioned in Sunday's Inquirer, Miller has two years and almost $19 million left on his contract. He is 28, in the prime of his career and if I were coach K, he'd be on my Olympic team.

Miller gives the Sixers something they desperately need - perimeter shooting.

Memphis almost dealt him to Miami at the trade deadline. The key question is whether the Sixers have the players or draft choices that Memphis would desire.

To be fair to both teams, this is all speculation. We know the Sixers like Miller's game, but do they like it enough to pursue a trade?

And if Memphis is no longer looking to dump salary as it did in the Pau Gasol deal, then the Sixers may not be the best fit.

We know the need the Sixers have for a low-post presence. But after seeing Rasheed Wallace connect on more three pointers than the entire Sixers team during the Pistons series, the lack of a perimeter game has to be addressed.

And who better to address it with than somebody who shot 50.2 percent from the field and 43.2 percent from three-point range for a team that finished tied for the third worst record in the NBA?