Sixers Again Looking To Rebound

The 76ers have shown they can bounce back from one demoralizing loss. Now they have to prove they can do it again.

Even Maurice Cheeks admitted that it was difficult not to look ahead when the Sixers led the Pistons by 10 at halftime of Sunday's 93-84 defeat. Now the Sixers are back to their accustomed underdog role.

If Detroit comes back to win this series, everybody will point to the Pistons 34-18 third quarter.

Remember, the Sixers bounced back from a demoralizing 105-88 loss in Game 2.

The difference is that the Sixers trailed that game by 17 at halftime. Sunday's loss looked like a win, especially since Detroit appeared to sleep-walk through the first half.

So now the Pistons have some real life. The Sixers shouldn't be counted out just yet, but here's stating the obvious - they need to get some production from Andre Iguodala.

He's shooting just 22.4 percent for the series and has missed all nine three point attempts. Tayshaun Prince has been the most dominant player in the series and he has put the clamps on Iguodala.

Sure, Detroit has done a good job on help defense, but Prince has enhanced his reputation as one of the best defensive players in the NBA.

Time is running out on Iguodala To his credit, he will continue attacking, but it won't do the team any good if he's forcing shots.

Of all the developments in this series, Iguodala's disappearance has been the most stunning and disappointing of an otherwise interesting series.