ESPN: Bynum's latest bruise from bowling

Sixers center Andrew Bynum. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Did 76ers center Andrew Bynum cause further damage - including a new bone bruise and cartilage damage – to his knees while bowling?

According to a report on, this might be the case. Citing multiple sources, reported that Bynum, who has yet to play for the Sixers, may have caused himself further damage while bowling.

There are several activities that are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts, but bowling is not one of them. Bynum is known to enjoy bowling, reported.

On Friday, Bynum reported that he experienced a setback in his recovery. Already hampered by a bruised bone in his right knee, Bynum said that he has also suffered a similar injury in his left knee. Bynum is scheduled to begin basketball related activities in early Dec.