Sixers Shot Down By Dallas

These nights will happen in the NBA, but few to this degree. The Sixers couldn’t shoot their way out of a paper bag or any other item in Friday’s 82-75 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Afterwards, everybody in the Sixers locker room talked about how they had good looks.

They were right. The looks were good, but the shots simply weren't.

Coach Doug Collins talked about how the Sixers had 10 fast break points in earning a 51-37 halftime lead and just two in the second half when they Dirk Nowitzki had as many points as the Sixers, with each scoring 24.

The Sixers, and most teams are much better when scoring consistently in transition.

Even when not scoring on the break, it's hard to comprehend scoring just 24 points in one half.

“We started thinking too much instead of just letting it be fluid,” Andre Iguodala said. “You forget the mechanics of just catching and shooting.”

And making.

The Sixers have now scored under 90 in two consecutive games, and not surprising both were losses.

While there was enough blame in this one for virtually everybody, especially a starting lineup that didn’t make one second half field goal, the last two games from Jrue Holiday have to be cause for concern

Holiday was 0 for 9 in scoring three points. That came after a 1 for 8 shooting effort in Wednesday’s 103-87 loss at Orlando.

Collins mentioned how Holiday simply has to fight his way through this current swoon. There is no other answer.

And while we’re on it, here’s one final thought, about having a superstar.

The Sixers have been successful without a superstar, but Dallas showed how convenient it is to have one.

Nowitzki showed why he is making his 11th consecutive all-star appearance.

He had a slow start to this condensed season but is starting to turn it on.

His season has been sort of like this game when Nowitzki was 2 for 11 in the first half and 8 for 11 in the second.

There may be no more difficult matchup than Nowitzki, who has the deepest of range and has become an effective post-up player.

He took over the game.

Now the main thing the Sixers need to do is regain their collective confidence, which was definitely shot on Friday.

“We had a look on our faces of concern and we have to do a better job of getting out of those funks like that,” Iguodala said. “It kind of lingered with us and it’s a learning experience.”

As Collins said, poor shooting nights will happen.

The Sixers were 1 for 14 from three-point range. When things aren’t working from the perimeter, attacking the basket is the best solution.

The Sixers settled for too many jumpers and on this night, that wasn't the soundest strategy.