Young puts up numbers despite not having number called

WASHINGTON -- Doug Collins marvels over the unselfish play of Thaddeus Young. Here is a player who has his number called very rarely, but always seems to find a way to score. That is the height of efficiency.

“I ran one play for him tonight,” Collins said following Saturday's 103-90 win over the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center. “Sometimes I think how can I get him a shot.”

Somehow Young finds his own shot as he did in scoring 18 points in the win.

“Thad is amazing,” Collins said. “He is so quick around the basket and makes so many plays by keeping the ball alive.”

And he does this in the flow of the offense.

“I just play,” Young said. “I go out there and think it’s having a natural feeling for the game and knowing where the ball is.”

Once he gets the ball regardless of whether the play was originally designed for him, Young knows what to do. He has become a much more comfortable jump shooter.

“What I loved (Saturday) is that he caught the ball and shot that midrange jump shot,” Collins said. “When he makes that shot, you can’t guard him because he is so fast.”

 The thing Collins likes most about Young that he will do anything to help the team win. He is the type of player who is more than content to score in the flow of the game.

“I know the main focus is not getting plays for me, but it’s not a discredit or anything like that, it’s just coach (Collins) knows how I like to play,” Young said. “I like to play around the basket, play in transition. I get my buckets other ways.”

Young, who is averaging 12.4 points, takes a simple but effective philosophy into each game.
“I am just playing on natural instinct and go out there and hustle,” he said.

Besides his offensive energy, Young is a strong defender. In fact before the game, Collins was talking about Young making a case for being an all-league defender.

Young's play on both ends of the court is a main reason the Sixers have gotten off to a 9-3 start. His number may not be called much, but he has put up some impressive numbers and is a major reason why the Sixers have one of the top benches in the league.