Tough Times For Iguodala

Andre Iguodala wants to get back playing. The 76ers surely want him in the lineup. Yet this non medical reporter gets the impression that there is a twinge of uneasiness about his return from Achilles tendinitis, especially from Iguodala’s standpoint. Sixers coach Doug Collins said Iguodala could be suiting up as soon as Tuesday’s game at the Wells Fargo Center against the Indiana Pacers.

Much will depend how he feels at Tuesday’s shoot-around.When asked if Tuesday would be the big day for his return, Iguodala gave a big shrug. 

“I don’t know,” he said. And he really didn’t. One could tell the frustration that Iguodala is experiencing. Here’s somebody who missed a total of six games in his first six seasons, which included five of playing all 82 games.

Nobody wants to be out on the court more than he does. Yet he continues to say things like he’ll have to fight through things, which is admirable, but not the easiest way to go about matters in the NBA. He’s been out for more than two weeks, wasn’t able to run until taking part in half of Monday’s practice and now he should be expected to guard Danny Granger?

Iguodala is a terrific athlete and competitor and we’d put nothing past him, but that would be a tough task. Collins said the team would be careful monitoring Iguodala’s minutes. That’s good because this is the third time that Iguodala is returning from the injury.

He has been out 12 games total including the last seven. After missing two games in early November, Iguodala played 38 minutes in his first game back against Dallas. He played just 19 the next night against San Antonio and then sat out the next three games.

His first game back after that? Iguodala played 50 minutes in an overtime loss at Washington on Nov. 23. That was the beginning of playing 17 straight games before taking the past two weeks off. Is that enough time off? Nobody, including Igudoala really knows for sure at this point.

- Marc Narducci