Who was the first to get booted off ‘Dancing’?

Metta World Peace won't be returning to the dance floor

.We’re not sure if it was his Lurch-like moves, or the fact that no one knew what to call him, but Ron Artest – that is to say Metta World Peace – was the first contestant to hang up his shoes on Dancing with the Stars.

In an interview today with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America (see video below), Artest seemed grateful for the opportunity – however brief -- to strut his stuff. I’ll tell you, though, in the moment when the judges were critiquing his form, I feared for their lives because of the stone cold look he was giving them.

So maybe it’s better for everyone involved if the brawling Laker leaves early.

When asked, both he and his partner, first-time DWTS pro Peta Murgatroyd, singled out soap actor J.R. Martinez as the favorite to win. That’s good news, because Matinez’s show, All My Children, goes off the air on Friday.

Hold on there, a second, Baba Looey. Murgatroyd? Wasn’t that part of the catchphrase of cartoon character Snagglepuss? “Heavens to Murgatroyd”? Yeah. He also was wont to say, “Exit, stage left.”

Time to heed those stage direction, Metta.





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