Wendy Williams’s ‘DWTS’ Exit: Awkward

How you doin’, Wendy? Apparently not too well, judging by that disdainful diva exit from ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

The boisterous and bubbly talk show host and fomer DJ at Philly’s Power 99 got the boot last night, becoming the second cast-off from this season’s competition. It would seem she wasn’t too happy with the decision.

Wendy Williams sashays with partner Tony Dovolani. Until the music stopped.

She pointedly refused to engage in the traditional last dance with partner Tony Dovolani.

After announcing the results, ‘DWTS’  host Tom Bergeron walked the couple out on the floor and said, ‘Do a little dancing here if you can.’

Instead, Williams walked off the set, throwing kisses as she walked through the audience. She left a clearly discomfited Dovolani alone in the spotlight.  Several pregnant moments passed before wrestler Chris Jericho, the other contestant in danger of leaving last night, came out on the floor and rescued Dovolani by pretending to waltz with him.

Williams told reporters she was unhappy but relieved ‘because I’m getting on a jet and going back to everything that’s near and dear to me that I have neglected personally for this six-week journey. I have a 10-year-old son, and any parent knows that fifth grade and age 10 is a child on the brink. I have a 12-year marriage and I’ve got a talk show that demands my attention.’

But didn’t you know all that before you signed up for the ‘Dancing’ ordeal?

Asked what she’ll miss most about the show, Williams shot back, ‘Craft services’. That’s the caterer.

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