Watch Matthew Schuler’s latest triumph on ‘The Voice’

This week marked an important yardstick for Yardley’s emerging singing star, Matthew Schuler. The student at West Chester University turned 21.

But it’s we who got the present last night on The Voice as Schuler turned in another extraordinary performance, this time belting out Imagine Dragon’s “It’s Time”.

Love the way this kid can pour out his heart and soul without oversinging. And is it just me, or is Matthew starting to look like Nat King Cole with a fade?

Carson Daly introduced Schuler as “the sincere Pennsylvania vocalist”, which doesn’t begin to describe his abundant talents. But his coach, Christina Aguilera, encouraged viewers to join “Matthew’s Army” which has a nice ring to it.

Not sure what was going on with all those American flags unfurling on the screens behind Matthew. Is there some secret patriotic subtext to “It’s Time”? Or does Matthew’s Army march under Old Glory? Either way, sign us up.

(Can't see the video? Click here)


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