Video: Help the poor reality stars

Heidi and Spencer back when the champagne was still flowing

Won’t you please help? For only 35 cents a day you can help the poor deluded creatures swept up in reality show fame find their way back to reality. That’s the pitch Jimmy Kimmel introduced last night in a riotous PSA for “Feed the Morons”. (see video below)

What launched this timely campaign? It was news that Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag of Hills and I’m a Celebrity: Get me Out of Here infamy have fallen on hard economic times.

If it can happen to that enterprising couple, it can happen to anyone. After all, from the first time we met him, Spencer was driving a sleek new Mercedes coupe with no visible means of support.

In the clip, you see such deserving luminaries as Bentley Williams from The Bachelorette, Meatloaf from Celebrity Apprentice and Richard Hatch from Survivor in a heartrending montage. (BTW, you can’t spell “montage” without Montag. Sadly, Heidi can’t spell it even if you spot her her last name.)

The scariest moment in this clip: It would appear that Hatch is wearing a tear-away bathing suit. For when you want to get down to brass tacks without wasting a second.

Please give. Don’t make us have to bring out Sally Struthers to shame you into a donation.



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