Video: CBS shows racist rats' nest on ‘Big Brother’

There’s been a lot of fall-out from the crude racist comments of a couple of female contestants on Big Brother 15 this season.

Last night we got to hear the slurs for ourselves.

In the middle of the episode, CBS showed this alarming montage (below) of bigoted insults by Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman.

The two women don’t know it yet (because contestants are sequestered during the making of the show) but both are unemployed. Zimmerman, 32, was fired from her job as a beauty pageant coordinator and Gries was dropped by her modeling agency.

The uproar began because the women were heard making repeated racist remarks on the show’s 24-hour feed, available online. As Judd Daughtery remarked last night of Aaryn, “Does she not know we’re on TV and she shouldn’t say stuff like that?” Apparently not. Did you notice, BTW, that Aaryn is an anagram of Aryan?

So far, the bigotry has not affected the game, although the other contestants are clearly aware of it. Gries, who was this week’s Head of Household, nominated Elissa Slater and Helen Kim for eviction at the end of the episode.


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