VIDEO: See a new chapter of ‘Drunk History’

Imagine if the drunk on the stool next to you decided to lecture you on a significant facet from the past. Could go either way, right? Well, on Drunk History, it’s always hilarious.

The Comedy Central series with its unreliable narrators is back for a second slurry season tonight (10 p.m.). The season premiere focuses on some of the major events and personalities to come out of Montgomery, Alabama.

For once you may actually learn something as an inebriate storyteller shares with us the saga of research chemist Percy Julian, who holds 130 patents and was instrumental in the development and manufacturing of cortisone. (See video below).

That’s Jordan Peele of Key and Peele playing the pioneering scientist. If you tune in tonight, you’ll also get to see Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) playing boxer Joe Louis as you’ve never seen him.

Having trouble seeing the video? Click here.


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