VIDEO Flexing Amish muscle on tonight’s ‘Rake’

Greg Kinnear is Keegan and Miranda Otto is Maddy, his ex-wife, in "Rake."

The executive producer of Fox’s new series Rake, Peter Tolan, says they were looking for legal issues bizarre enough to suit their dissipated lawyer, played by Greg Kinnear. “And who’s better,” reasons Tolan, “at committing unusual crimes than the Amish?”

That lead to tonight’s episode, “A Close Shave” in which a group of reform Amish have broken off from their sect in Paradise PA in Lancaster County to open a bakery in California. Then a bishop comes to reclaim one of his own. The men end up being charged with attempted murder. Kinnear’s character, who is defending them, dismisses the incident in court as “a little bit of manscaping gone bad.”

But he also makes use of his Amish clients, as you’ll see in this video, to protect himself from his bookie’s collector, who is looking for either $63,000 in cash or a couple of pounds of flesh.

Hast thou met my burly friends, Caleb and Jebidiah?

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