VIDEO: Dana Carvey gives an orchestral twist to an old classic on ‘Tonight’

Jimmy Fallon’s delight in Dana Carvey has always been obvious. It’s like the old days of The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson would collapse in laughter whenever Don Adams was on. Notch it up to comedy chemistry.

The lab was open on Thursday night as Carvey lit up the stage. He even got Questlove and the Roots laughing at one point. That’s every comedian’s dream: to deliver a punchline so hip only the band gets it.

But Jimmy also got Dana to dust off an old favorite from his days on Saturday Night Live. Check it out.

Fallon introduces the song as “The Lady I Know”. But you may remember this epic power ballad by its better known title: “Choppin’ Broccoli”. Carvey even gets the violin players laughing. That’s a twofer.

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