VIDEO Are you ready for a sitcom from ... Chipotle?

“Everybody wants to get into the act,” as Jimmy Durante used to say.

Even your favorite food chain. Farmed and Dangerous is a satire (and cautionary tale) from Chipotle. It’s all that, a basket of chips and a container of spicy salsa. The four episodes will start rolling out weekly on Hulu and Hulu Plus on Feb. 17.

The show is a dark sitcom about an industrial agricultural giant, Animoil, that comes up with a really disturbing new feed pellet for cows. But when security camera footage of the horrifying side effects go viral, the company goes into full spin control. It’s corporate skullduggery at its most unscrupulous.

Could this really happen or is this a propaganda film from Chik Fil A? The cast includes Ray Wise (Reaper) and Eric Pierpoint (Chief Trumple on Parks and Recreation). Enjoy the appetizer.

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