Trick or treat: See Steven Tyler’s beat-up face

 Usually phone interviews, by their very nature, aren’t too graphic. But this morning on Today, when Matt Lauer got rocker and American Idol judge Steven Tyler on the horn from Argentina, the visuals were shocking. That’s because NBC’s morning show had photos of Tyler after his nasty hotel room spill in Paraguay on Tuesday. Take a look. He is very much the worse for wear.

Loved Tyler’s quip about his fateful shower: “I walked in looking like Baryshnikov and I walked out looking like Leon Spinks.”

Lauer asked the Aerosmith singer who has a long history of substance abuse if the accident  might indicate that Tyler had fallen off the wagon again. Tyler said “It’s not an issue.” Kind of a non-denial denial. But let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt. On his worst day, he’s still more lucid than Paula Abdul.

Bonus points to Steven for his A Few Good Men parting shot to Lauer: “You can’t handle the tooth.”

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