The odds on ads: Dave's takes on commercials

Bear with me. I’m trying a new bit. It’s The Odds on Ads, and it examines TV commercials that either annoy or baffle me. Well, at least they’ll be a lot of ammunition out there.

Let’s start with this commercial for Volkswagen’s Beetle convertible. Guy enters store wearing ski mask, terrifying customers and cashier.

What’s wrong with it? Nothing. It’s an amusing premise, works in repeats and the guy shopping is perfect, right down to his voice. “I don’t want any trouble either.”

Okay there is one detail I can’t help challenging: after the guy leaves the store, check out the denomination of the bill in the shell-shocked employee’s hand. Hey, if you can get of a 24-hour convenience store with both arms loaded with snacks, all for under $5?

Well, my baklava is off to you, buddy.



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