The claws come out on 'The Bachelor'



It’s never a good sign when one of the fair maidens vying for your heart quotes Charlie Sheen. Repeatedly.

But it does make for good TV. If nothing else, model Courtney Robertson has emerged as one of the most vivid villainesses in the annals of The Bachelor. You don’t have to watch this whole video. Just a sample will give you a good sense of how nasty this girl can be.

Last night, Ben and his harem travelled to Park City, Utah. The group date was a rugged outdoorsy activity: flyfishing. Courtney wasn’t intimidated at all, saying it couldn’t be any harder than catching a man. Then she landed a handsome trout. Watch out, Ben.

After the obligatory make-out session, she really played with his head and even that seemed to work. (Does Ben strike you as the sharpest hook in the creel?)

When Emily had the nerve to go to Ben and point out how two-faced Courtney really is, even using words like “shallow” and “vapid”, the rumor got back to the frost queen, resulting in one of my favorite threats of this or any other season. Courtney vowed she would shave off Emily’s eyebrows in the middle of the night. And she said it in the matter-of-fact way of someone who has carried out such an attack a time or two.

You have to put sweet Kacie B. as the frontrunner for Ben’s affections at this point, but we’ll see how much he likes her if she wakes up one morning soon with no facial hair.


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