The best commercial on TV?

When a commercial is good, you’re actually glad to watch it. (Well, the first 50 times or so.)

My current favorite is this one for Best Buy in which people react with various degrees of dismay to find out that the tech device they purchased was quickly supplanted by a newer, improved version.

It speaks to consumer rage: you do your homework, you locate the state-of-the-art phone or computer or TV set. You drop a bundle on it. And it’s obsolete before you get it home.

You just got hornswaggled by the relentless and accelerating march of progress.

It’s infuriating, right? This ad captures that situation in a priceless montage. I particularly like the spit take in the coffee shop (anyone recognize the sprayer as David Costabile of The Wire and Damages?). Then there’s the gray haired matron looking up at the billboard who sputters, “What the…” And finally the guy who’s just getting his 3D TV and sees on the delivery truck that 4D is now available. To add to his chagrin, his young daughter runs in circles on the lawn, sing-songing, “You bought the wrong TV, Silly Head.”

 The irony is not lost on me that we are being reminded  of our helplessness as modern consumers at the same time that we are being sold a new service by a big box chain.

Caveat emptor, baby.

What do you think? Are there any ads that you like (or at least don’t mind)?



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