‘The Bachelor’ as horror film

This should get you in the Halloween mood. Who was the scariest character on TV this year? Don’t forget Kate Gosselin has gone bye-bye. And no, it wasn’t the Rubber Suit man from American Horror Story. This spooky little tidbit should give you a reminder. (Insert ghoulish laugh sound effect.)


ABC cooked up this amusing fright night spoof that they’ve dubbed The Hatchelor.

Works exceedingly well with Courtney Robertson as the serial killer and poor puppy-eyed Ben Flajnik as the ultimate target. Right after she finishes thinning out the herd. When they show that clip of Courtney saying, “See ya; wouldn’t wanta be ya,” I got goosebumps. And not the good kind. As the promo says “Roses can be deadly.”

If you’re not up on your Bachelor gossip, here’s a quick update: after another attempt at a reconciliation, Ben and Courtney called it quits again last week. Since then he’s been spotted with pals rooting for the Giants at an NLCS game in San Francisco. No word yet on whether he had tickets for last night’s World Series opener.

Courtney meanwhile has not been letting moss grow under her feet. She was spotted on a date with Bachelerotte runner-up Arie Luyendyk, Jr., exchanging some very public displays of affection.

Don't go down in the basement, Arie.



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