TV’s funniest commercial?

Joe Pesci gets a little hot under the collar

 It’s an ad campaign that has already provided a lot of laughs – using cranky celebrities like Betty White, Roseanne Barr, Richard Lewis and Aretha Franklin to promote the salutary effects of snacking on a Snickers bar.

The new spot, which premiered on this week’s MTV Movie Awards, is the funniest yet (see clip below).

It involves two guys trying to chat up a couple of girls at a party. The small talk doesn’t go very well, because one of the guys is acting and sounding a lot like Joe Pesci. In fact his diatribe recalls Pesci’s classic confrontation in Goodfellas: “Funny how? Do I amuse you?”

Oh wait, that is Joe Pesci! No one mixes querulous and menacing quite like him.

Ah, but the commercial’s not through. Stick around, you hockey puck. It’s only 30 seconds.

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