TV tonight: Where's Charlie?

While we’re talking about March Madness, if you were watching the games on CBS this weekend, you were bombarded with promos for the network’s Monday night comedy lineup.

Lots of clips and punchlines from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Mad Love’, and ‘Mike and Molly’.

Sheen: prominent in the episode but not the promos

‘Two and a Half Men’, CBS’s top-rated sitcom? Not so much. And in the brief snippets shown, you may have noticed the only representation of Charlie Sheen is a very brief shot of the back of his head as he answers the door.

It’s like a Soviet- style purge: once you’re out of favor, all visual evidence of your existence vanishes.

Of course Sheen is featured in tonight’s episode, as Charlie enjoys being pampered by Berta’s replacement. But you could never tell from the CBS promos.

Do they think if they ignore him, he’ll just go away?


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