'Survivor' Winner: It’s Boston Rob

Practice, apparently, makes perfect. Last night in the live finale from New York, CBS’s Survivor: Redemption Island, revealed its newest millionaire winner:

It was Rob Mariano, aka “Boston Rob” by a landslide. (see video below)

Boston Rob, in his trademark Red Sox cap, finally finds success.

The 35-year-old contestant earned eight of the nine votes cast. Phillip Sheppard got one and teenager Natalie Tenerelli was shut out.

It was sweet vindication for Mariano, who has competed on the show three times previously, on the Marquesas, All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains editions.

Based on his previous experience, he had a good feeling going into last night, telling the Associated Press, “You don't know for sure until the votes are read, but I had a pretty good feeling, I played my heart out. I love this game, but you've got to get lucky along the way, too.”

Born on Christmas Day, Boston Rob has made a life out of Survivor. He met his wife Amber Brkich on the show. They have become something of reality show super couple, competing together twice on The Amazing Race.

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